A Family-Owned Deli and Catering Business

Classic’s Deli and Catering is a charming, cozy delicatessen that offers mouthwatering sandwiches, soups, and salads at affordable prices. We also provide dependable catering services for clients in Greenville, SC and the surrounding areas.

Meet Our Owner

Our owner, Sheila McAlister, graduated from Lander University with a BS in Business. She has always been in the restaurant industry, and now she is living the dream of owning her own.

An opportunity came up when a deli in Greenville, one that she has been going to for quite some time, became available on the market. She bought the deli and had been running it ever since.

About Our Deli

The deli was founded in 1988, and it has been under Sheila’s ownership for more than 22 years. More than 14 years ago, she moved the Classic’s Deli and Catering to Grove Road. Here, we continue to provide our customers with the same great-tasting food they have come to know and love.

Our restaurant has a seating capacity for 100 diners. We have a lot of antique furniture on display, which gives our place a classic and nostalgic feel. To maintain the family-friendly atmosphere that our customers are fond of, we do not serve alcohol or permit smoking on premises.

Quick and Friendly Service

Because most people nowadays are busier than ever, we try to prepare and serve food as fast as possible. However, we make sure that we don’t sacrifice the quality of our fare and our customer service.

We are located fairly close to the Greenville Health System, so we get a lot of hospital employees. Families on day trips and professionals on the go also stop by for a lunchtime bite.

To learn more about our deli, contact us today at 864-269-1661